Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use a Staze vacuum sealing jar?
The Staze Preserve jar reliably maintains and preserves the quality, shelf life, and aroma by eliminating all air using vacuum sealing technology within the cap for portable use.
How is the vacuum seal created?
PULL up on the cap - air then moves through a one-way air valve. PUSH down on the cap - air is then removed from the vent located at the top of the cap.
What makes it smell proof?
A one of a kind 100% activated carbon filter is placed inside the cap to block any unwanted odors from escaping. This unique fabric is breathable allowing air to pass through while simultaneously absorbing these odors.
How much material can I fit into my new airtight container?
A 1/4 oz. or 5 fluid oz.
How do I know when all air has been removed?
An air pressure indicator will make a "clicking" sound.
How many times does Staze need to be pumped before I hear the clicking sound?
This depends on how much material you have stored. Typically 3-5 times.
What happens if I'm not hearing the "clicking" sound?
The cap needs to fully extend away from the stash can. If you pump it half way it may take longer for all air to be removed. You will hear the sound once all air is properly removed.
Have you done any research into shelf life stability testing?
We are conducting a first of a kind study with a fully accredited ISO 17025 testing lab on shelf life stability.
Are the components FDA approved?
All components used with your Staze smell proof container are FDA compliant for storing food grade materials.
Are Staze jars dishwasher safe?
We highly recommended that if you want to clean your staze jar that they be hand-washed.
Are there any other additional pieces that need to be used?
No batteries. No switches. No levers.
Should I be concerned about light?
Yes! Light is the biggest factor that will affect the quality of your material. Refer to "Recommended Storing Options" on our Product Page for more details on how to preserve the quality of your material.

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