The only vacuum sealing storage jars that eliminate exposure to light and air keeping your goods fresher, for longer.

smell proof

Our 100% activated carbon cloth provides the ultimate smell proof experience. With three levels of protection, this advanced technology allows air to pass through the filter while efficiently absorbing and neutralizing even the most potent odors.

All I can say is thank you and your customer service may be the best I have ever experienced. I recommend your product to friends regularly.
— Scott K.
I get questions and compliments on my Staze jars all the time. People are always so intrigued by how it looks and especially when I tell them that it’s vacuum sealed which keeps my herbs fresh!
— Genevieve S.
Seems to be good at smell-proofing, I put in some rather loud smelling material and my wife couldn't smell it at all(and I swear she has the nose of a bloodhound)”
— Hobb E.
I love them. Bought them as stocking stuffers and kept one for myself.
— Barbara M.
Amazing product! Works great... keeps air tight, great for travel or just to keep in your session area! Good people and great customer service.
— Mike P.
I've used a ton of jars over the years. I often default to glass, but I can say these containers are the real deal. They will keep your product fresh AF.
— Will M.
I read about this online and originally bought one container and later bought the “Trio”. I’m happy with the no odor feature, took a few tries to get familiar with the air lock of the cap but it works great.
— Gerry M.