No Light. No Air. No Compromise.

Exposure to oxygen greatly accelerates the degradation process, and lowers product quality. The Staze Preserve are vacuum sealed and smell proof, extending shelf life keeping your goods fresher, longer.

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Every part plays a part

We’ve simplified things by combining a built-in vacuum sealer, smell proof technology, and an air removal indicator to provide you with what you deserve – the perfect experience every time.
Airtight Vacuum Sealer
Pull up on the cap - air then moves through a one-way air valve. Push down on the cap - air is then removed from the vent located at the top of the cap. The vacuum seal is created by reduced air pressure.
Air Removal Indicator
Knowing when the vacuum sealer is ready is easy. The “pumping” motion activates a clicking noise once the vacuum is reached which indicates it is now completely sealed.
Aesthetic Design
These smell proof jars have a sleek and minimal design specifically created to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand with a comfort grip for added functionality.
Smell Proof
A one of a kind 100% activated carbon filter is placed inside the cap to make this jar perfectly smell proof and prevent any odors from escaping.

Convenience is key

The Staze Preserve smell proof jar is lightweight, durable and perfectly crafted to take on any adventure.
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