How do you ensure your pot is protected from elements and prying eyes? Proper storage is essential to preserving cannabis post-harvest and extending the shelf-life of your smoke.

Using the proper container to preserve the potency of your premium pot is arguably the most important thing to consider when sealing up your stash. Enter Staze.

Race against the clock.

From the moment a cannabis plant is cut down, it begins to degrade and lose potency. The cold hard truth is that right off rip; the clock is ticking on your precious plant material. Luckily, knowledge is power, and we wrote this guide to teach you how to preserve the terpenes, taste, texture, and THC from your top-tier flower.

The proper stash jar will protect your flower and fully preserve your most precious pot. Full stop. Exposure to oxygen is one factor that overwhelmingly contributes to decomposing your dank. The presence of oxygen not only accelerates the degradation process, but reduces potency and lowers product quality across the board.

Degrading your Dank.

Degrading your Dank


When stored improperly, older buds can be straight-up brutal to smoke compared to their properly preserved counterpart. Degraded buds will also burn hotter and faster due to a combination of lost essential oils (i.e., terpenes) and lower moisture content.

No Air in There.

No air in there


As time passes and your flowers age, they also begin to degrade. Degradation is most often caused by oxidation, which naturally leads to conversion from THC to other potentially less desirable cannabinoids over time, such as CBN. We will discuss this in more detail later on.

Worse, when there is no control over air exchange within a container, you will have moisture-related issues, which leads to a diminished terpene profile, resulting in flowers with a lackluster aroma and flavor. Older, improperly stored cannabis develops a musty smell from any terps that remain after the available monoterpenoids have evaporated.


Light Tight


Light is the other principal concern you must contend with when protecting your cannabis. Unlike glass jars, make sure your stash jar is an opaque container. This part is also essential on another, more practical level: keeping your kush clear of the eyes of any would-be bud bandits.

Falling prey to light exposure is one of the easiest mistakes to make that will lead to improperly storing your stash. From a scientific standpoint, prolonged light exposure will warm the material to match or exceed room temperature, and any temperature above 65 degrees F would be considered elevated for flower storage. The results are buds degrading/converting the THC into CBN over time, ultimately impacting product quality.

The Science of Stash.

The science of stash


For each percentage point that THC levels fall due to degradation, the CBN percentage will rise roughly equal to that amount. This means that the more sedative and less desirable cannabinoids can soon come to weigh in at a much more elevated level than when they left the lab. The real take-home message here is to store your stash in airtight containers to minimize moisture and terpene loss due to evaporation and cannabinoid degradation or conversion.

We know you want better for your bud. Identifying the pain points present in storing your stash most effectively is paramount to developing a product that provides a solution, and this is where Staze ultimately shines the brightest.

Multiple companies claim to have proper airtight containers, both large and small, although none seem to check all the boxes like the stash jar from Staze. Enter the importance of features like the vacuum seal. Staze incorporates a patented mechanism to remove air and prevent oxidation, letting you store your stash completely vacuum-sealed, smell-proof, and protected in every scenario.


Toke and Travel


Staze is the container crafted to keep up to 1/4 oz of your favorite flower fresher for longer. The stash jars from Staze are also my go-to choice when I travel with ganja, which is always. Whether I am gearing up to go out for the day or I have to pack a few bags and fly, I know that Staze has my back, regardless of the scenario.

When traveling with your requisite toke, keeping a low profile is always preferred—the ability of the Staze stash jar to keep my prized pot from unwanted eyes and noses streetside or plane-side is what clinches the win for Staze.

Do yourself a favor, ditch the bulky, breakable glass jars, and pivot to something that protects your pot.

Check out Staze for yourself, and witness the future of keeping your cannabis flower fresh. 


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June 28, 2023